Meg Parry Studio Opens its Doors

Our tutor Meg Parry is the founder and Creative Director of Meg Parry Studio, a fashion design and production hub. The studio recently hosted an open studio independent event as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2019.

The aim of the event, Inside the Workroom, was to celebrate their making process and encourage people to learn more about the work that goes into making a garment. This event was an incredible opportunity to visit Meg’s personal studio and co-working space.

The designer and maker is aiming to open up the conversation about the way people wear and value clothing. With potential to collaborate with creatives worldwide, Meg hopes that promoting a positive, mindful approach to clothing will influence the choices people make when purchasing what they wear.

Meg believes there is an ever-growing demand to nurture both small start-ups and established fashion brands. The conscientious creative studio values the control they have over their product design and being able to customise it to suit the wearer. Utilising this creative control, they can provide the client with a product that has a touch of personalisation, however, is also relevant and contemporary for the modern woman.

About the designer

In 2016, Meg began collaborating with emerging designers in Australia and worldwide. This propelled the launch of the business Meg Parry Studio and created an opportunity for further collaboration in the creative industries.

With experience in a variety of fashion businesses, including Akira Isogawa, Gareth Pugh the London-based designer and the London College of Fashion, Meg is determined to change the perspective people have about fashion and further reiterate the importance of being accountable for ethical fashion practices.


To learn more about Meg Parry Studio, visit


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Written by: Meg Parry

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